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aiik people Baptiste


Baptiste in Kid collection tee.


aiik people Sarah

Sarah in aiik green top


aiik People – SARAH

Hi. My name is Sarah, and though I grew up in London, if you met me you would probably never guess that!  My parents are American, and I was raised as an American… in England.  I’ve always thought that surroundings and environment have a huge effect on people, and it’s difficult to discover who you truly are until you try yourself out in a few different places. 

To that end, I have now tried myself out in London, Scotland, Canada, Paris, and most recently, I’ve returned to my parents’ roots in Boston, USA.  It was in Paris that I first became part of the aiik team, and it is really exciting to see the venture growing so quickly.  In addition to my knowledge of the fashion retail industry, I hope to be able to contribute to the project a new perspective as I settle into a familiar culture in a foreign land.  Despite the vast geographical distances, and different backgrounds, I like the idea that, through aiik, we can still share ideas and passions which are ultimately very similar.        



aiik People – KAREN

I was born 26 years ago in Luxembourg’s central hospital. My parents decided my name would be Karen. It was in Luxembourg that I lived for the first 17 years of my life before heading up north to Scotland for my studies… back to my origins (although I was born in Luxemburg, both my parents are pure bred Scots).   A keen traveler, linguist and perpetual student, my studies took me around the globe to places such as St Andrews, Siena, Firenze, Santiago de Compostela, London, Salamanca, Padova, Strasbourg, Paris…It was in Paris that I had the pleasure of meeting the aiik team and was invited to become part of the project! 

I currently work in Paris at a leading advertising company. When I am not working I am usually on the road, taking photos or designing and making my own jewellery.


aiik people – BAPTISTE

My name is Baptiste. I moved to Paris about a year ago when I started working. I quickly got involved with the aiik project. Looking for cool things, watching fashion and trends move, digging into urban art and urban style, we want to take a big picture of whats going on. I live next to the very trendy Etienne Marcel street where every day I can see that a lot is happening. 


I have had the chance to travel a lot in my life and have lived in many different countries, but now its time to think about the future!


I work in fashion, mainly doing marketing. I spend a lot of time watching and studying what’s been done by other companies so I guess I’ll be able to help out on the aiik project. And honestly, I just love the idea of being part of such a project


For a career in fashion, Paris seems to be a nice place to start with. So, look around, you might find me in a café at the end of the street.



aiik people – FANGLU

My name is Fang Lu. I come from Taiwan and live in Seville, Spain.  I’m a professional artist & photographer, and I’m a Hyperrealist painter.  At the moment, I’m preparing my first solo exhibition which will be launched in a British gallery in Spain in 2009. I’m also passionate about singing baroque music, as a countertenor in the church choir.

It’s been a long time since I started thinking seriously about art and my life.  In Taiwan things change very fast. It’s hard to slow down your steps and to observe things in detail. So I decided to make a change to a new environment – Spain!!  It has a great atmosphere and environment for those who love the arts.  It’s also interesting to learn things and see the differences to my own culture and my home country.

I first met aiik people in 2006 in Paris when I visited some friends there.  I thought they were COOL!! So I am happy to participate in the aiik project.  I will do some photography for aiik, and you will see my wild arty image in some aiik products.  Hope you like them!


aiik people – MAIA

I’m Maia, from the Basque Country (France), a little place in the world still fighting for its flower, to become part of the bouquet of world flowers.  For the past 4 years I’ve been working for my own brand, Xibiouz, and trying to define an identity through the products. 

The idea of identity in our mix-fragmented-melting-pot-world animates me, and has done ever since I first started drawing and painting. I spent all my life moving between different places before realising I had to build my own roots all by myself. 

I graduated from Bordeaux’s Fine Art School in France.  As Andy Warhol said, “every day is a new day.” … That’s how aiik appeared in my life, with its own identity to create. I believe nowadays we need to develop ways of working with, and embracing, distance… and being part of a project with the goal of making a multi-cross-cultural-art-identity product… mmmm… I like it a lot! 

Enjoy… and let’s rock!