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BAGGU flower

BAGGU flower fits perfectly at Pegasus flower shop!



Cool Hunting – BAGGU

BAGGU’s ingenious design makes for the most functional and stylish eco-bag out there—an example of how one small, well-executed idea might just change the world. In this video, co-founder Emily Sugihara fills us in on the design process and shows us some of the more unusual uses for a Baggu.

by Cool Hunting

Soxeteer socks

Socks are rarely noticed becasue they are not so obvious like other outerwear. Many poeple think they are boring and not important. If realy socks are boring, you should check out Soxeteer socks. They have many funny and creative socks to make sure that “You make people smile all day long".







One afternoon in Ja ler Hsui

Keisaku and friends enjoyed rowing boat in Ja ler Hsui, Kenting.