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do you aiik Paris?

This is so Paris! Paris, je t’aime!


4 me by Julie Bernardin

Accessoirissimo !
Granddaughter of Alain Bernardin, creator of the Crazy Horse and the inventor of The Art du Nu, and daughter of Sophie Bernardin, painter and artistic manager of the Crazy Horse, Julie always soaked in a universe of creation.
She worked with Isabel Canovas after the Studio Berçot, and could only develop herself this atavistic talent.
Her very personal universe is translated by a wide range of jewels corresponding to knocks of heart for an object or an association of elements which, by their variety and their humour, set the tone.

The concept is simple and effective, each will find the jewel which makes him unique. All carry a name-symbol, corresponding to the story and to the message which they convey.
Unique style made from vintage materials, semiprecious, recovery or simpler, in the hand, by very Julie.

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Kiki de Montparnasse

Man Ray’s muse and Hemingway’s friend, Kiki of Montparnasse inspired countless artists in 1920s Paris. Her life was wild, exciting and debauched, but, Kiki de Montparnasse has always made sure that sexy and sensual does not have to mean low end and trashy.

do you aiik le marais?

Sarah’s sunday walk in le marais.  With BAGGU!

Le Loir dans La Theière

One of Paris’ best spots to spend a cozy Sunday is Le Loir dans la Theiere a wonderful old space with tasteful décor and a relaxed atmosphere. It has the best home made desserts including warm apple crumble, cinammon cake, fresh fig and peach tart, and a great selection of house teas.


Le Loir dans La Theiere
3 rue de Rosiers, 75004
Metro: St. Paul


calyx video for pelican avenue
camera + light by jef jacobs
dancer: marianne addo
music: konono°1


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aiik team biking on Vélib




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