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do you aiik Chile?

Jose in brush dragon tee




The Electric Koi

This is a great animation directed by Tokyoplastic. The story is about a little girl who lives on a desert island, discovers she’s not alone anymore. The new island’s resident carries a secret with her that, in the end, will force her to choose between loyalty and betrayal.

do you aiik Bristol?


Le Loir dans La Theière

One of Paris’ best spots to spend a cozy Sunday is Le Loir dans la Theiere a wonderful old space with tasteful décor and a relaxed atmosphere. It has the best home made desserts including warm apple crumble, cinammon cake, fresh fig and peach tart, and a great selection of house teas.


Le Loir dans La Theiere
3 rue de Rosiers, 75004
Metro: St. Paul

Bunny loves green

This is more than just a cute bunny. If you open the zipper on its back, you will find a durable nylon bag inside. This stuffed bunny bag is called “Picnic”. It was created by a Japanese design house, EDING:POST. When you need a tote bag, the rabbit hangs on for the ride. When you don’t need a bag, it neatly stores inside the rabbit. It is great for everyday usage or picnic. Remember to pack some carrots too!!


Anchi’s Sunday walk