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Adam Saaks cutting show

This is an awesome tshirt cutting show by Adam Saaks, the only fashion designer who uses tshirts and scissors.


Cool Hunting – BAGGU

BAGGU’s ingenious design makes for the most functional and stylish eco-bag out there—an example of how one small, well-executed idea might just change the world. In this video, co-founder Emily Sugihara fills us in on the design process and shows us some of the more unusual uses for a Baggu.

by Cool Hunting

Soxeteer socks

Socks are rarely noticed becasue they are not so obvious like other outerwear. Many poeple think they are boring and not important. If realy socks are boring, you should check out Soxeteer socks. They have many funny and creative socks to make sure that “You make people smile all day long".








BAGGU is founded by a small team of designers, and entrepreneurs. The principle is simple: to create basic, functional, beautiful and affordable products.

BAGGU (バッグ “bag" in Japanese) is machine washable, and folds up into its own pouch small enough to tuck into your handbag or pocket.

Based on the form of the iconic plastic grocery bag, a BAGGU does the same job without harming the environment. Because reusable bags only reduce waste when you use them, BAGGU is made lightweight, so it’s easy to keep with you for an unexpected errand, and so beautiful you’ll actually want to carry it. Using one BAGGU for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags.

Changing our own shopping habits is one small thing we can do to make a difference. Be Good and Reuse!


Ingo Maurer lights

German-born Ingo Maurer is one of the most prolific and respected artist/designers working today. Ingo Maurer is fascinated by what he calls the “magical and mystical" properties of light. Ingo Maurer constructs luminous atmospheres that play with traditional concepts of color, brightness, and shadow. Since 1966, Ingo Maurer has created more than 150 different lights and lighting systems and designed lighting for diverse international venues, including fashion runways, public buildings and monuments, and private commissions. Ingo Maurer uses unexpected materials and found objects to create light, and he is a pioneer in the usage of new lighting technologies.



Bunny loves green

This is more than just a cute bunny. If you open the zipper on its back, you will find a durable nylon bag inside. This stuffed bunny bag is called “Picnic”. It was created by a Japanese design house, EDING:POST. When you need a tote bag, the rabbit hangs on for the ride. When you don’t need a bag, it neatly stores inside the rabbit. It is great for everyday usage or picnic. Remember to pack some carrots too!!


Washington Clementine

beautiful illustration by We Buy Your Kids