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We all aiik – Len

Ohla! I am Len from Mexico. 

In Mexico we love “improving" things that are already good with our own touch. You give us a hamburger; we add guacamole. You give us California rolls; we roll some jalapeño too. You give us Foie gras; we eat it with torillas. You give us aiik; we give you aiikaramba!



We all aiik – Maia & Jon

aiik team – Maia & Jon



We all aiik – Manuela

Hi! I am Manuela from Italy. 

My favourite Italian sweet is Tiramisù.  Literally Tiramisù means: “get me up” and I think you will understand why after reading the ingredients: 

Eggs, sugar, Mascarpone cheese (a creamy and sweet Italian cheese), Savoiardi biscuits soaked with coffee, a drop of Rum cacao and little pieces of chocolate for decorating. 

A real panacea even for the saddest moods!! 

A good tip for anyone preparing the dessert for a romantic dinner date, but feeling a bit shy: put more rum in with the mascarpone, and in the coffee. Then serve the Tiramisù accompanied by a glass of sweet, white wine! 

You will see the effect…






We all aiik – Eve

Hi! I’m Eve from Paris.

When I meet foreigners they tell me I am “typically French” …Am I that arrogant!? Noooo! Absolutely not!

On the contrary, I try to advocate the French good taste (the finest in the world), I eat healthy food (the finest in the world too), and my passion is…WINE. Why do I like wine so much? Because each bottle is unique, so that each tasting is a real discovery for your senses (smell, taste, and sight), which makes wine particularly convivial as you share your feelings with your friends.…Of course I’m talking about French wine only !



This is a great video of Jape’s song, ‘Floating.’  You may not like the wasting of food.  But for artisitic value, it is very creative.  It’s slow and mellow with nice repetition. The colours are so beautiful!

2356 days of Noah

You have probably heard about Noah and seen his video.  If not, you really need to check out this video.  It’s more than a video.  Truly a work of art.

Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.

Beirut in Oberkampf

This is a great take away show from Beirut in Paris. I really like the bars in Oberkampf. It is a very lively and artistic area to visit in Paris. 

Enjoy the video! Beirut is a fantastic soundtrack for Oberkampf street!! I really love that the drummer is playing on trash cans!


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