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We all aiik – Claire

Claire from France



How to make Havaianas flip flops



aiik team biking on Vélib




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We all aiik – Lindsay

Lindsay from Taiwan


crave jewelry design


Crave Jewelry Design was created after many unsuccessful and seemingly endless searches for unique jewelry in a world of mass produced goods. Crave is now my livelihood… so please; indulge!

Here is a little bit about me…

I have an obsession for making someone’s day a little brighter.

I am completely obsessed with making jewelry! Hours go by like seconds…

I love, love, love nature and all, well most things, natural.

I am completely captivated by little creatures, awesome vintage pieces and just about anything that has the potential to be jewelry.

Thanks for checking out my jewelry and for the opportunity to share what I crave with you!!

by designer Jaci


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