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“My friends and family think I am this sweet innocent girl. But they don’t know I’ve posted nude photos of myself on the internet.”

Well, I haven’t. But someone has. It could be your friend and you’ll never know. It’s just one of the anonymous secrets revealed in Frank Warren’s first published collection, PostSecret. In 2004 Warren printed 3000 blank postcards, addressed to himself, and left them in bars, libraries, metro stations, asking people to share a secret with him. It seems people had a lot to get off their chests because 3 years later the postcards are still pouring in. There are now three books showcasing the best of the secrets.

The original book is a mix of some of the funniest, most distressing and most beautiful cards. There are some in there everyone can relate to (“I’m terrified of not existing”). Some that are hard to imagine (“He’s been in prison for 2 years because of what I did. 9 more to go”). Some just plain random (“I ate all the blueberries, and they were delicious”)!



It is a beautiful book which reminds us of the emotions that make us all human, and the need people have to share their secrets, even if it’s sometimes easier and more satisfying to do it anonymously with the world, than personally with our friends or families. It will make you wish you could meet some of the authors to hear their stories in full.

My personal favourite, and possibly an idea aiik can pursue in the future:

“I’ve created over a dozen t-shirts with quotes and photos from obscure films in hopes that someone will recognize them and be the true-blue best friend that I’ve always dreamed of.”

See for yourself at PostSecret. They change every week!

And if you’ve got a secret:

13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, Maryland

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