aiik People – SARAH

Hi. My name is Sarah, and though I grew up in London, if you met me you would probably never guess that!  My parents are American, and I was raised as an American… in England.  I’ve always thought that surroundings and environment have a huge effect on people, and it’s difficult to discover who you truly are until you try yourself out in a few different places. 

To that end, I have now tried myself out in London, Scotland, Canada, Paris, and most recently, I’ve returned to my parents’ roots in Boston, USA.  It was in Paris that I first became part of the aiik team, and it is really exciting to see the venture growing so quickly.  In addition to my knowledge of the fashion retail industry, I hope to be able to contribute to the project a new perspective as I settle into a familiar culture in a foreign land.  Despite the vast geographical distances, and different backgrounds, I like the idea that, through aiik, we can still share ideas and passions which are ultimately very similar.        




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