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70 Million by Hold Your Horses !

This is an entertaining and cheeky music video for “70 Million”, hit song by Franco-American band, Hold Your Horses!, offers a wink at art history as band members playfully reconstruct famous paintings in an off the wall lyrical interpretation all their own. Produced by L’Ogre.


Mickey 3D – Respire

This is a beautiful animation by a French rock group, Mickey 3D. The video explains how in the future, kids will have to play in “virtual nature” instead of real nature because it will all be gone. The singer criticizes the human race who destroys everything thats in its way. It’s sad but true….

aiik people – MAIA

I’m Maia, from the Basque Country (France), a little place in the world still fighting for its flower, to become part of the bouquet of world flowers.  For the past 4 years I’ve been working for my own brand, Xibiouz, and trying to define an identity through the products. 

The idea of identity in our mix-fragmented-melting-pot-world animates me, and has done ever since I first started drawing and painting. I spent all my life moving between different places before realising I had to build my own roots all by myself. 

I graduated from Bordeaux’s Fine Art School in France.  As Andy Warhol said, “every day is a new day.” … That’s how aiik appeared in my life, with its own identity to create. I believe nowadays we need to develop ways of working with, and embracing, distance… and being part of a project with the goal of making a multi-cross-cultural-art-identity product… mmmm… I like it a lot! 

Enjoy… and let’s rock!