aiik people – MAIA

I’m Maia, from the Basque Country (France), a little place in the world still fighting for its flower, to become part of the bouquet of world flowers.  For the past 4 years I’ve been working for my own brand, Xibiouz, and trying to define an identity through the products. 

The idea of identity in our mix-fragmented-melting-pot-world animates me, and has done ever since I first started drawing and painting. I spent all my life moving between different places before realising I had to build my own roots all by myself. 

I graduated from Bordeaux’s Fine Art School in France.  As Andy Warhol said, “every day is a new day.” … That’s how aiik appeared in my life, with its own identity to create. I believe nowadays we need to develop ways of working with, and embracing, distance… and being part of a project with the goal of making a multi-cross-cultural-art-identity product… mmmm… I like it a lot! 

Enjoy… and let’s rock!





One response to “aiik people – MAIA

  1. … lovely face! 😉

    Hi from Italy!

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