aiik people – FANGLU

My name is Fang Lu. I come from Taiwan and live in Seville, Spain.  I’m a professional artist & photographer, and I’m a Hyperrealist painter.  At the moment, I’m preparing my first solo exhibition which will be launched in a British gallery in Spain in 2009. I’m also passionate about singing baroque music, as a countertenor in the church choir.

It’s been a long time since I started thinking seriously about art and my life.  In Taiwan things change very fast. It’s hard to slow down your steps and to observe things in detail. So I decided to make a change to a new environment – Spain!!  It has a great atmosphere and environment for those who love the arts.  It’s also interesting to learn things and see the differences to my own culture and my home country.

I first met aiik people in 2006 in Paris when I visited some friends there.  I thought they were COOL!! So I am happy to participate in the aiik project.  I will do some photography for aiik, and you will see my wild arty image in some aiik products.  Hope you like them!



One response to “aiik people – FANGLU

  1. 這照片還挺有趣的,真的很有創意,

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