aiik people – BAPTISTE

My name is Baptiste. I moved to Paris about a year ago when I started working. I quickly got involved with the aiik project. Looking for cool things, watching fashion and trends move, digging into urban art and urban style, we want to take a big picture of whats going on. I live next to the very trendy Etienne Marcel street where every day I can see that a lot is happening. 


I have had the chance to travel a lot in my life and have lived in many different countries, but now its time to think about the future!


I work in fashion, mainly doing marketing. I spend a lot of time watching and studying what’s been done by other companies so I guess I’ll be able to help out on the aiik project. And honestly, I just love the idea of being part of such a project


For a career in fashion, Paris seems to be a nice place to start with. So, look around, you might find me in a café at the end of the street.




One response to “aiik people – BAPTISTE

  1. you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

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