aiik People – KAREN

I was born 26 years ago in Luxembourg’s central hospital. My parents decided my name would be Karen. It was in Luxembourg that I lived for the first 17 years of my life before heading up north to Scotland for my studies… back to my origins (although I was born in Luxemburg, both my parents are pure bred Scots).   A keen traveler, linguist and perpetual student, my studies took me around the globe to places such as St Andrews, Siena, Firenze, Santiago de Compostela, London, Salamanca, Padova, Strasbourg, Paris…It was in Paris that I had the pleasure of meeting the aiik team and was invited to become part of the project! 

I currently work in Paris at a leading advertising company. When I am not working I am usually on the road, taking photos or designing and making my own jewellery.



One response to “aiik People – KAREN

  1. Hallo Puppe,
    pass auf, dass Dir die Apfelsine nicht aufs Gesicht faellt, oder der Pfirsich auf den Hintern 😉
    Kuss aus Hong Kong

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