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do you aiik Vienna?


do you aiik Angkor?

Vélib’ à Paris

We all know Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so why spend most of the time in the smelly metro compromising all the pretty views? Have you heard about Velib’? The principle is simple: you rent a bike at the station of your choice, ride it, and then turn it back at any other station. Don’t have time or money to join a gym? Wanna know Paris on the surface and not underground? Missed the last metro and feel sober and/or brave enough? Wanna fight global warming? Then you might wanna try Velib’. Let’s face it, we all look kinda cool when riding a bike in Paris (even cooler if you’re cute and can actually drive).

Click Velib’ for more information.

Edit : Leonor

velib - 2

velib - 2